Bruce Bodden

acrylic on canvas

frame included - hand-built elaborate wooden frame and border made with curly cherry, purple heart, bubinga, yellow heart and padauk, with corner motifs in purple heart, brass and tru-stone inlay.

dimensions with frame 25.25”w x 21.75”h

from the artist - My first attempt at a new technique where I try to simulate marquetry with paint.

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I mostly work in oil pastels, acrylics and wood including marquetry. My personal style has progressed from merely copying what the eye sees to a harsh and colorful geometric abstraction of a sometimes imagined reality. But the entire picture's design has always been important to me, even in my early work. I try to achieve a certain quality of design, no matter what style or medium I am experimenting with. Balance, harmony, unity of shape and color and other design attributes are really what my pictures are about visually, not what the object, animal or scene being portrayed is. My art is about the art. But my personal style also has great meaning to me.

I call my style Claritysm, as unclear confusion frustrates me and gives me grief. So with my art, I try to pin reality down in a very clear and concrete way. I also try to lighten the viewers mood with my fun colorful art, I do not want to make others sad with my art. I also used to be extremely shy. So if my art is bold and daring, it gives me confidence that was hard for me to otherwise find. So my art tries to provide what I have had trouble finding in my own life. You could say that my art imitates what life wants to be. I hope that my art can make your life better as well. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UW-Oshkosh in 1994. Drawing and Applied Design were my two areas.

Thank you for enjoying my work.