Minor Squalls

Minor Squalls


Lee Mothes

graphite on stonehenge paper

26”w x 34”h

frame included

dimensions with frame 34”w x 42”h

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I love nature, especially the ocean, and have been fascinated by beaches, waves, and the ocean’s energy as far back as I can remember. I grew up on the California coast, spent most of my childhood on the beach, and began drawing beaches and waves (and imagined tsunamis and other disasters) while still in grade school. I studied art and architecture for several years among other pursuits such as a operating a printing shop, co-owning a hot springs resort, and freelance carpentry.

After moving to Wisconsin in 1986, the irony of being away from the ocean compelled me to spend a lot more time painting it. I have found that I can “be there” by painting and drawing imaginary places inspired by California’s natural coast.

In 1990 I began creating and exhibiting my work full-time at art festivals and then expanding into gallery shows and commissioned work. I work with watercolor, acrylic and graphite on paper and with acrylic on canvas. I usually work out the composition in a sketchbook first, then draw it out full-size on the sheet or canvas before painting.

In recent years, I have been teaching art at the high school level and to adults through my own workshops.