Working to serve. It’s all about service. - Ep. 4

Someone recently asked me what services I offer.  I told them that I was trying help artists make money, and that I was seeking to understand what pain points artists have so that my services will be relevant.  In turn, I asked them what they needed help with.  They couldn’t give me an answer.

Asking people what they need is turning out to be more complex than I initially thought.  After I get past the “Who are you?”, the “What do you want?”, and the “Why are you being so nice to me?” phases, I’m often left with the impression that the person I’m talking to has never really thought about what they actually need help with.  Caught in a pop-quiz panic, they’re suddenly, acutely aware, of all of the unknown unknowns.  But not everyone is stumped when I’ve asked how I can help.  I’ve found many artists who know what they need.  They are open to having candid conversations about their business and where I may be of service.

I’ve been spending my time reaching out to a lot of people, searching for those who are willing to talk.  Some are artists.  Some are art allies, like gallery owners and arts organizations.  Some are friends of mine, who kindly give me their time and loving advice.

These conversations have helped me understand what direction to turn to next, but I haven’t been able to record them like I had intended.  Most people, myself included, aren’t comfortable with being on camera.  And, I’ve found that, understandably, when I have my camera turned on, we all connect a little less.

So, I find myself in a part of this project where things have slowed down a bit.  The unrecorded conversations, the missed connections, the unreturned emails, the flat out rejections, they’ve all added a bit of time to the process.  Nothing unexpected on paper, but when lived, all had some effect on my momentum.

To combat the feeling of stillness, I’ve decided to compress a few timelines.  I’m picking up the pace.  I’m filling my calendar, and making sure that I’m adding enough fuel to the social fire to keep me in continuous conversation around helping artists.  I’m focusing on creating more videos to share my experience, and hopefully connect with more people through them.  And, to be able to give people a specific answer, I’m putting together a services offering to give artists and art customers a better idea of exactly how I can help, and where I can be of service.