Where it’s all pointing. What am I doing here? - Ep. 6

I’ve been working a bunch.  I’ve been talking to artists, asking how I can help them.  I’ve interviewed many, both on and off camera, and I’ve heard consistently that they need the most help selling their art.

Helping artists sell their art is in alignment with my intention of directly helping money flow to these small business owners, and not from them.  Helping artists with their top line, their sales, is where I think I can make an impact and provide value.

So now I’m transitioning from asking how I can help, to helping artists sell their art.  I’ll try my hand at being an artist’s agent.  To make sure that we are all on the same page, and with the artist’s help, we set up some basic agreements.  Basically, I’ll help artists sell specific pieces of art, for a 20% commission.  

Since developing these agreements, five Wisconsin artists have signed on, and many more are interested in how I can help.  Signing up these first artists was not a quick task.  It took me all of May and June to reach out, hear back, meet up, and agree to how I could help these five uniquely talented artists.  Here we are in July, and I am now working with them to sell a first batch of over 75 pieces of original Wisconsin art.  I am excited to have the opportunity to directly help these artists make some money.

I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself.  I’m trying to only focus on those tasks that are necessary.  Like, for instance, setting up my business behind the scenes to be able to sell products, and collect Wisconsin sales tax.  So, one thing at a time.  And, now that I have beautiful art for sale, I’m facing the exact same issues that artists everywhere face, finding customers, and selling art.