Ask an artist. Shop talk with Bruce Bodden. - Ep. 8

I am very grateful for the time people share with me. I know that we all have things to do, and thousands of other things that we’ll never get to. I fully appreciate those times when people stop, look me in the eye, and listen. I try to do the same with everyone I meet. There is something special that happens when we are present with each other and share how we see things.

This is just one of the reasons that I enjoy the company of artists, they use their unique abilities to share how they see. Fundamentally, through their work, artists change how the viewer interprets what is around them by providing a new, additive perspective, one that’s impossible for the viewer to see on their own. I see this when I view Bruce Bodden’s art.

Bruce paints in a style that he calls Claritysm, creating pieces that are easily understood without any fogginess, and are “confirmable, undeniable, and reassuring.” I tend to hold a lot of space for gray areas in my life. I embrace the wishy-washy, and celebrate alternative explanations. In Bruce’s work, I am able to see his perfectly clear interpretations and add his perspective to my own, giving me another lens through which to see the world. A lens that I could have only picked up by viewing his work.

Art is something special that allows us to be present with new perspectives, and helps us grow. Interviews like this one allow me to showcase each artist’s unique abilities, and share their perspectives with more people. Hopefully, helping others see through new lenses of their own.

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