Ask an artist. An interview with Jamison Glisczinski. - Ep. 2

Jamison Glisczinski was the perfect person for my first artist interview.  He is friendly, funny, and so very talkative -- all things that make for a fun interview.  Our short little talk went on for over an hour, and gave me way more than I could ever fit into a single video.  While the highlights that ended up in the eight-ish minute video tell the story of making money as an artist, many, many powerful stories ended up in the archives.  They will have to wait for other videos, on other topics like: how to decide when to quit your job and begin "arting" full time, whether or not art schools prep students for a career, and what taking a leap of faith looks like.

Interviews like this one are a way to ask artists what is working, not working, and what they need help with.  My intention is to find out what needs artists have, and if there are any opportunities to help them make more money.  I am using these interviews to ask people directly if there is a product or service that they are willing to pay money for that will not only benefit them, but help sustain this project indefinitely.

This is the beginning of my own business, and I know that my success is dependent on how much value I provide others.  So, I am asking the market what is needed, and, after enough asking, hopefully a picture will emerge of where I can provide some value.  Again, this is something that I have to approach with curiosity and an open mind so that I don’t let my ideas on what is needed get in the way.  To that end, I will continue to ask artists how they make money and where they might need a hand.

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