Ask an artist. An abstract interview with Jim Ford. - Ep. 14

[Dana Coyhis] We’ve confirmed the camera is started. Oh, I gotta check the audio to make sure the audio is… every time I make a mistake

[Jim Ford] It’s a good thing to check.

[Dana] Yeah! *laughs* Alright, that’s fun. Alright, so I’ve got some questions for ya. I wrote them all down... somewhere in here… ah ha! The first question is always “Who are you, and where are you, and what kind of art do you do?”

[Jim] My name is Jim Ford, and I’m a type designer by day, and by night I paint and make collage art mostly.

[Dana] Ok, and that’s a little bit of what we have here, right?

[Jim] Yeah, you can see that this year I’m working a little more large scale.

[Dana] If there’s a person watching who hasn’t been introduced to collage before, how would you describe it?

[Jim] Repurposing images, I guess. Somebody actually kind of brilliantly conveyed this to me yesterday, they said they really liked how you use images that are not relevant to the picture to create another image. So I’m using a lot of different images to create a new image basically. The images that you see in it actually kinda, you know, their meaning sometimes disappears or recedes and sometimes they have a very specific meaning for what the image is and why it’s there.

[Dana] Do you think that there’s a general rule of thumb to know the difference, or is it about context?

[Jim] I’m not really sure.

[Dana] I think that’s part of the fun of art in general is that you can look at it and get your own interpretation of it…

Complete transcript forthcoming.