Ask an artist. A lakeside interview with Beth Stoddard. - Ep. 9

I’ve been interviewing artists for several reasons. Primarily, to showcase what they do, and help them connect with new people. I’m also curious about how artists make a living, and I want to share the wisdom in their experience.

Connecting with people is important. It helps create real relationships — relationships that create more support, more ideas, and more opportunities for everyone involved. I hope these interviews help connect new people to the artists and their art.

On the flip side, I also hope these interviews allow the artist to share their own personal story and life experiences. Perhaps someone watching will be relieved knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. Or, perhaps, that viewer will be inspired to create something great.

Hearing from new people about how much they love the artist’s work has been the most rewarding part of these interviews. It’s a payoff of sorts to know that while these videos have only tens of views (not thousands), they are still connecting people to art.

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